Bucket List App Makes Summer Dreams Come True

Bucket List App Makes Summer Dreams Come True

Vacationers and adventurers can accomplish their summer 2022 travel goals with easy-to-use social planning app

The travel bucket list app iBucket is live and ready to help people make their 2022 summer vacation dreams come true, checking off other bucket list goals as they go. Users of the app can list their desired locations and activities and then plan, organize, and share them quickly and easily with friends and loved ones.

The app is available at the right time for people who have put their adventure plans on hold for the last two years and is perfect for people who are serious about achieving their summer goals. Users can list their bucket list ideas and then organize them and set reminders before using the interactive travel maps, itinerary, and reservation manager. Once their dreams have been fulfilled, iBucket users can share their favorite memories with friends, family, and new connections along the way.


What Is a Bucket List?

A bucket list is a list of any ambitions or goals someone wants to accomplish in their life, from globe-trotting adventures to having children and getting married or even learning a new skill. Many people have them, but not many of us actually record them or check them off in any meaningful way: That’s where iBucket comes in.

iBucket: The Tool That Makes Goals a Reality

Kai Mallie, the founder of iBucket, said, “When we launched the app, we felt it was about time people had the chance to actively make their dreams a reality. Your goals could be small or large, but I believe that any item on your bucket list can only bring you happiness and fulfillment.

Kai continued, “Long and short-term goals help you to reach the dreams you want to achieve in life. Having a list in the first place is step one, but having a tool to track them and check them off as well as manage and share your plans means you can actually achieve your goals. We love organizing and we love socializing: with iBucket we’re combining the best of both worlds in one beautiful social bucket list app!”


About iBucket

iBucket is a lifestyle app that enables one to keep track of life goals, explore new communities, and discover new things. A bucket list can be created via our websiteiOS or Android app.

Dream it. Plan it. Do it.