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Achieve your bucket list goals and trips together

Stay focused on the things you want to do before you die with our simple and beautiful app. Set goals, plan trips and make new unforgettable memories with friends.
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Achieve your bucket list goals and trips <span>together</span> Achieve your bucket list goals and trips <span>together</span>
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Accomplish your goals

Short and long-term goals will help you work towards something and boost motivation. With our bucket list app you can track your progress by adding tasks or organise goals in lists.
  • Collaborate with friends
  • Set tasks and reminders
  • Visualise with images
Great Wall of China
Set Tasks
Machu Pichu, Peru
The Taj Mahal, India
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Mark your visited places

Keep track of places around the world you’ve been or want to visit in the future. Get inspired by new destinations, discover our curated guides or easily book tickets.
  • Mark 240+ countries
  • Mark 4.500+ regions
  • Mark 7.000+ cities
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Travel Together
Visited Places

Plan your next trip

Travel itineraries helps you prioritise, estimate costs and maximise your experiences. Plan your next day-by-day road trip with family or friends and get fully prepared to achieve it.
  • Interactive maps
  • Itinerary group planner
  • Manage reservations
Trip Planner
Golden Gate Bridge
Las Vegas
Interactive Maps

Collaborate with your friends

Goals you’ve fulfilled will give you great memories to share with the world. Connect with your friends and family or meet new people to collaborate together.
  • Follow your friends
  • Collaborate together
  • Interact with people
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Losing focus on the things you want to achieve in life? We’ll keep you motivated and organised to accomplish your dreams.
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Fine customer service too.
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Nice way to manage my travel goals.
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Super for keeping track of my trips!
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Overall new favorite planning app! This is the visualization planning app I’ve been wanting for some time.
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Very nice and good app! Works great for keeping track of trips and adding destinations and hotels that way!
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The app is really beautiful and has all what's needed to become the best bucket list app.

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