Lighthouse new haven

Visit the National World War II Memorial

Visit the Island of Crete

Get Sprayed in Niagara Falls

Buy a Vintage Camera

Read the Art of War

Go surfing

Do the Manta Night and Twilight Reef Dive in Kona Hawaii

Visit the White House

Going on a long trip with my besties

Travel to Madagascar

Get Dreadlocks

Go to a festival

Travel all around the World

Go to a Funfair

See orcas in the wild

Swim with a Turtles

Take a Helicopter Ride

Go to a Baseball Game

Catch a Snowflake

Visit Ellis Island.

Visit Las Vegas

Explore a Glacier

Go to Salem on Halloween

Visit a concert of Nothing But Thieves

Visit Wernigerode

Camp out on the beach

Visit Santorini

Go skydiving

Eat an insect

Visit Las Vegas

Invest in Gold

See the Pyramids

Be able to do 50 press ups

Visit Las Vegas

Go to an NBA game

Visit the DDR

See lions in the wild

See the Eiffel Tower

milan, italy

Visit San Francisco

Ride the Singapore Flyer

Hike through the Dolomites

Climb Kilimanjaro

Get a pet

See a Musical on Broadway

Apple Airpods

Kuusijarven Sauna

Learn to play Trumpet

Join B.O.S.S dance complex

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